Yes, other than that, it also works for multiple occasions such as sore throat, nasal mucus, fever, cough etc..

Yes, masks material is medical-grade PVC free of BPA and does not contain DEHP ( Plasticizer/Plasticizer ).

Yes, Absolutely

Yes, but you will need a travel adapter in Europe

Please use the tap water to clean the cup and machine and use soft clean paper or cotton to remove the water lightly if there is water on the out surface of the mesh

Please use standard adapter (output: DC 5.0V 1.0A) to charge, you can plug in usb port, power bank and car port etc..

Leadlife is powered by latest vibrating mesh technology which is driven by a piezo-element and use ultrasonic frequencies to vibrate the mesh. The vibration of the mesh causes aerosol generation as the liquid passes through it. Ultrasonic nebulizers, by contrast, produce ultrasonic waves directly into the solution causing aerosol to be produced at the liquid surface. Both types are capable of delivering solutions but that the ultrasonic nebulizer cannot effectively deliver budesonide, whereas the vibrating mesh nebulizer can!

Yes, Absolutely

Please don't use essential oils in this device b/c it will not work with solution that concentration is higher than 0.9%, such as herbs and essential oils.

Yes, It is quipped with a USB cable for recharging, the full charging takes about 2 hours and working time up to 4 hours after full charge

Yes, pease note that if you use distilled water, purified water or filtered water the device may produce little or no mist.

Please use regular tap water or mineral water for facial, please note that use distilled water, purified water or filtered water cause the device may produce little or no mist.

The most commonly treatment for COPD is inhalation therapy. If you have COPD, please talk to your doctor about the best options for you to help manage your condition. LEADLIFE vibrating mesh inhaler may be the better option for you, or your doctor may suggest you use other methods to maximize the effectiveness of your treatment.